Easy to install and use, just plug & play, SmartEar listens to sounds in your environment, at home or at work. Then, it translates them into colored flashes on mobile devices (Avert'Flash) and/or the Smartphone.


The principle is to associate each sound with a color. For example: if the fire alarm goes off, SmartEar will flash red, for the front door bell, blue, for the alarm bell, yellow... More than 30 sounds can be recorded.


SmartEar meets the needs of individuals in their daily lives, as well as those of companies in the context of productivity improvement and professional integration. 

Discover smartear's functionalities

Tap-Tap function

This innovation is for everyone and allows you "to call" a person without having to move around. The gesture is simple: make a double tap on the Avert'Flash or on the SmartEar. This way, you will know who initiated the call, thanks to the color emitted by the SmartEar system.

The door sensor

By installing sensors on your doors and windows, SmartEar informs you in the event of a break-in in your home. Choose the color of the alert to know, at a glance, which entrance is involved.


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